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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aeropostale Announced Executive Appointments December 2010

Aeropostale Announced Executive Appointments December 2010
Michael J. Cunningham, President, Expands Role

Marc D. Miller Appointed Chief Financial Officer

Mary Jo Pile Promoted to Executive Vice President, Customer Engagement
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Aeropostale, Inc.  a mall-based specialty retailer of casual and active apparel for young women and men, yesterday announced three executive appointments that realign responsibilities and strengthen its leadership team.  Thank you for reading this Aeropostale news report on the Fashion Newspaper.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fashion Jobs by City

Did you know that you can narrow your fashion jobs search to a specific city?  You may find the fashion careers by city section to be helpful to your job hunt.  Find fashion jobs by city.

You can also search for fashion jobs by state if you prefer.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jobs Report November 2010

The government's monthly labor report was dissapointing as November's job growth came in far lower than expected and the unemployment rate rose to 9.8%.

U.S. employers added 39,000 jobs to their payrolls in November, the Labor Department reported.  That marks a major slowdown from October, when the economy added an upwardly revised 172,000 jobs.

It is challenging to find a job in any industry at the moment.  Hopefully the jobs outlook will improve.
Don't panic and if you are unemployed, keep looking for fashion jobs.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fashion Careers by State, Category, Compnay Name : Fashion Careers Blog

If you are living in the United States and wish to find a fashion job, we suggest you search by location.  After you find the state of choice, you can then narrow the search to the specific job category of interest.

Fashion Careers by State
Fashion Careers by Category 
Fashion Careers by Company Name

You may also find the Fashion Industry Careers website to be helpful to you.

If you want to narrow your search to finding fashion careers by a specific city or town, you can set the field in the fashion job search engine.

Jobs in Fashion Are Not Limited To Fashion Companies

When searching for a career in fashion, we typically think about finding a job at a company selling clothing or fashion accessoeis. However, when looking for jobs in fashion, we do not truly have to only look toward Jones Apparel, Burberry, Neiman Marcus, Armani, Levi Strauss, etc.  We should also keep in mind that their are fashion technology jobs, fashion warehousing jobs, clothing manufacturing jobs, etc.  For example, in the fashion technology sector their are plenty of career paths.  Yes, much require you being tech savy.  But they may also require a sense of style.  For example, you can design fashion websites, work with CAD design software, build e-commerce applications for clothing retailers, etc.

OK, working in a warehouse may not be your dream career.  However, having a job is certainly something to be proud of.  Clothing companies typically have warehouses.  You can find a warehouse job at a clothing company or possibly work at your apparel company (from a regular office) and manage the warehouse functions (inventory management etc.).  You do not neccessarily have to work in the physical warehouse to have a job in warehousing.

Learn more about companies mentioned in this fashion jobs blog post: Neiman Marcus, Jones Apparel, Levi Strauss, Armani, and Burberry.

We hope this helps you learn more about jobs in fashion.  It is always a good time to learn more about jobs in fashion.  Keep in mind that jobs in fashion are not limited to fashion companies only.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Better Fashion Jobs

I wish I had a better fashion job...  Don't we all wish we had better fashion jobs?  Well, maybe you are thinking that you have a great job in the fashion industry.  Possibly, you would not want to change a thing.  In my opinion, if you do not actually own the company, you can always have a "better" job.  Sure, I understand that you can be happy in your current position.  I also understand that the grass can be greener on the other side of the fence.  The bottom line is that you may actually have the perfect job.  But is their a "more" perfect job???  Possibly, there is a job with the same requirements, with the same quality of fellow employees, but possibly a slightly higher salary... Would that be better?

Anyway, if you are happy with your current position, by all means stay there.  However, if you think you can do better... Don't hesitate to look around.


However, do not screw up a good thing... If you truly do have a great job in fashion, do not lose it...  The goal here is to improve your fashion career, not mess it up.

Are their better fashion jobs out there?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Careers by State Part 4

Expand your fashion career in the following states:

Tennessee Fashion Careers
Texas Fashion Careers
Utah Fashion Careers
Vermont Fashion Careers
Virginia Fashion Careers
Washington Fashion Careers
West Virginia Fashion Careers
Wisconsin Fashion Careers
Wyoming Fashion Careers

I hope this helps you find a good job in fashion.

Fashion Jobs by State Part 3

Find fashion jobs in the following states:

Nebraska Fashion Careers
Nevada Fashion Careers
New Hampshire Fashion Careers
New Jersey Fashion Careers
New Mexico Fashion Careers
New York Fashion Careers
North Carolina Fashion Careers
North Dakota Fashion Careers
Ohio Fashion Careers
Oklahoma Fashion Careers
Oregon Fashion Careers
Pennsylvania Fashion Careers
Rhode Island Fashion Careers
South Carolina Fashion Careers
South Dakota Fashion Careers

Fashion Jobs by State Part 2

Find fashion jobs by state:

Kansas Fashion Careers
Kentucky Fashion Careers
Louisiana Fashion Careers
Maine Fashion Careers
Maryland Fashion Careers
Massachusetts Fashion Careers
Michigan Fashion Careers
Minnesota Fashion Careers
Mississippi Fashion Careers
Missouri Fashion Careers
Montana Fashion Careers

Fashion Jobs by State Part 1

Find fashion jobs by state:
Alabama Fashion CareersAlaska Fashion Careers
Arizona Fashion Careers
Arkansas Fashion Careers
California Fashion Careers
Colorado Fashion Careers
Connecticut Fashion Careers
Delaware Fashion Careers
District of Columbia (DC) Fashion Careers
Florida Fashion Careers
Georgia Fashion Careers
Hawaii Fashion Career
Idaho Fashion Jobs
Illinois Fashion Careers
Indiana Fashion Careers
Iowa Fashion Careers

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashion Jobs : Apparel, Textiles, and Fashion Jobs For The Clothing Industry

With the unemployment rate currently very high, it is a good time to have "any" job.  With that said, if you care to select from a specific category, in my opinion, fashion jobs should be at the top of your wish list.  After all, what can be more exciting then a job in fashion.  Yes, I agree that being a bull fighter or astronaut would be a rush.  However, we can not all fall into that career path.  The reality is that a career in fashion is a bit easier and much safer...
Here are a few resources to help you jump start your fashion career.
Hopefully the above fashion job resources will help guide you to a successful career in fashion.